Way Of The Wicked - The Fall of Talingarde

Book 1, Act 4 Burning Balentyne - Part 2

Due to having not kept up this journal I will give a quick synopsis of events, my apologies if I forget to mention something but it has been awhile.

1. The party sent the love letters describing the affair between Kaitlyn Mott and Captain Zack Eddarly to Captain Franz Mott. Captain Mott stormed out and challenged Captain Eddarly to a duel of honor. The duel was fought with Captain Mott the victor but the victory was short lived as he was arrested by Lord Havelyn for dueling. The trial was short with Captain Mott giving no defense, he was found guilty and sentenced to death at (ironically) Branderscar prison.

2. The party once again used the secret passage to move into Balentyne where they moved through the tower. They attacked the rookery killing the two guards, Mad Martin Rayard, and all the ravens in the rookery. Tossing their bodies from the tower into the river the proceeded down to the next level and killed the six archers posted there and threw their bodies into the river as well, burned the stores of arrows and then quietly made their way down back to the secret passage and back to their rooms.

3. The party discovered that every Monday that Mama Louisa Giuseppe goes to Balentyne with her famous beef stew to feed the guards. This ritual is very popular with the guards and has given Mama (as she is known) special status with the people of Aldencross as well as the soldiers of Balentyne. The party decides to attempt to poison the guards using the beef stew. Knowing that the town alchemist has to keep a strict record of the poisons her carries it is decided that concentrated wolvesbane would do a better job. They proceed to find someone in town that may contacts with the black market of Talingard. Locating such a person they make an agreement with him to procure enough to poison the entire complement of soldiers.

4. Cylara and Ashe are questioned by Father Donnagin about their possible involvement in the bar fight. They both deny any involvement but it is clear that Father Donnagin knows that they are holding something back from him.

5. Ashe attends a service in the chapel of Mitra where she learns first hand that some other presence is in the chapel that sings along with the congregation.

6. Raphael and Cylara go and visit Tacitus Magister of Balentyne in order to buy some scrolls from him as well as scout out some more of Balentyne. They are greated gruffly and thrown out when he learns that neither of them have anything to trade.

5. Once again the party uses the secret passage to gain entry into Balentyne (once again disguised as tower guards) but this time they moved into the great hall where they inform the watch sergeant that they were hearing strange noises in the tower and wanted more men to investigate. The watch sergeant told them to go to the barracks to get more men. The party went down the great hall to the barracks where they found ten men off duty and requested they accompany them up to the rookery. The soldiers complied with their request and went up to the rookery with them, to the total confusion of the archers stationed on the third floor for which Raphael explained they were there on orders of the watch sergeant. The party maneuvers the men to move ahead of them into the rookery. The party bars the way back down, casts a silence spell and quickly dispatches the guards.

Raphael quickly moves down to the third floor where calling upon the dark powers of Asmodeus drained their life force from them killing them all. They then cut off all the heads from the soldiers and used their bodies to form a five pointed star in the rookery, and then once again made their way to the secret passage.



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