Veil of Useful Items

Veil of silk gossamer cloth


Magic item

Aura:moderate transmutation; CL:9th
Slot:none; Price:7,000gp; Weight:—

This appears to be a fine silk veil of gossamer cloth. Only as it is held and closely inspected can you see small cloth patches of various shapes. One patch can be detached each round as a move action. Detaching a patch causes it to become an actual item. This veil contains:
* 2 daggers (One normal the other cold iron)
* Bullseye lantern (full, lit and shuttered)
* Hempen rope (50ft. coil)
* Sack full of common clothes in the PCs sizes
* Masterwork Thieves Tools
* Window (2ft by 4ft, up to 2ft deep) Note the window patch will create a window (and therefore a hole) in a nearby wall. If there are no nearby walls, it simply turns into a common wooden window frame. It can not be placed on a living creature.
* Potion of cure light wounds
* 100 gold pieces
* Silver Unholy Symbol of Asmodeus
Once removed, a patch can not be replaced

Requirements:Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate;Cost:3,500gp


Veil of Useful Items

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