Tears of Achlys

Daemonic Disease


Type: disease, Contact, inhaled or injury; Save: Fortitude DC 16

Onset: variable but at least 1 day; Frequency: 1/day

Effect: 1d6 Con damage; Cure: none. The Tears of Achiys can only be cured by casting remove disease on the victim.

Note: The Tears of Achlys is a self-replicating plague daemon. This horror has an Int of 3 and above desires to spread. The Tears can lie in wait, manifesting only when it has the maximum chance of infecting others. It is cunning like a stalking beast and relentless in its drive to spread. Unless magically cured it is 100% lethal to those that catch it.

The Tears begin as exhaustion and perenially red eyes. In time, the victim begins to weep intensely salty tears. Dehydration slowly sets in and the victim wastes away to nothing. effectively, to suffer from the Tears is to die of thirst regardless of how much the victim drinks.


Tears of Achlys

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