Mathias Richter (Deceased)


Mathias is a man in his 50’s with an eye patch over his left eye long white hair. He keeps himself well-groomed and well-dressed as appropriate for a man of his standing.


Mathias was a man with few passions, magic and knowledge. When his well-connected father maneuvered him the position of Warden of Branderscar Prison he accepted with a shrug and upon arriving he put the running of the prison in the hands of Sergent Blackerly. So the the running of the prison declined while he spent all of his time in his tower studying. His decision to let Blackerly run the prison ultimately cost him his life when the party escaped. The one good thing that will be remembered about Mathias is that he did not cowardly flee or beg for his life (like Blackerly) he fought till the bitter end.

Mathias Richter (Deceased)

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