Way Of The Wicked - The Fall of Talingarde

Book 2 - Act 3 Thirty One Weeks

Week One – Locating a descendent of the Sons of the Pale Horseman in Farhold the party sacrifices him at Midnight. As the freshly removed heart smolders in the first braziers held by the image of Vetra-Kali-Eats-the-Eyes a voice booms out in abyssal “Kazzra Vo” and a blazing pillar of green fire shoots into the sky visible for miles around as the earth shakes even being felt in Farhold.

After the pillar of fire dies down the horn now reveled in all it’s daemonic glory continues to burn with a nimbus of green fire.


Week Two – The party receives a message from the seventh knot reading “A group of adventurers is headed your way. Local heroes. Poor equipment. Little experience. Plan to arrive in three days. The dwarf has been to the Horn before and said something about entering the caves. Prepare them a proper welcome, will you?” – Z

Included with the letter was a list

  • Hallack Amon – male human, retired watch sergeant, warrior with military experience, the leader.
  • Sister Marta Dian – female human, warrior priestess of Mitra, successfully destroyed a dozen zombies.
  • Yorgun the Smith – male dwarf blacksmith, experience unknown, big hammer
  • James O’Toole – male human, large brawler, famed for taking on all comers at local faire
  • Bianca DeVallya – female half-elven, a local bard and singer, knows a little magic, very fond of Hallack

    Three days later Hallack’s Crew makes their way into the horn by way of the lower caverns. They slay several of the boggard guards at which point the party attacks. During the battle Hallack, Yorgun and James all fall at which point Sister Marta Dian states she will surrender in exchange for them letting Bianca go free. The party agrees but then Ashe hunts her down after she leaves the Horn.

    Week Three – In Farhold the grisly remains of a murdered prostitute is found and The Sisters of Saint Cynthia-Celeste posts a 500 gp reward for the whereabouts of Sister Marta Dian.

    Week Four – The party receives a message from the Seventh Knot “New adventurers in town calling themselves ’Brendam’s Breakers’. They have been broken. No further difficulties. – Z

    Week Five – Boggard guard station destroyed by unknown force. Two days later the horn is raided by a pair of moon dogs and are slain by the party.

    Week Six – Four immature assassin vines found growing over the entrance to the Maw. The party transplants them to another area.

    Week Seven – Party invited to attend the 105th birthday celebration of Baron Vandermir. During the party they meet Sir Valin Darian acting commander of the Hamorhall and relative of House Darius. They also meet a suave effete man calling himself Dessiter, he states that he has been watching them for sometime and hopes they may do business in the future.

    Week Eight – Letter arrives at the horn by courier from the Seventh Knot. “A new group of adventurers are in town – they are too visible to attack directly. They assault the Horn soon, unsure of the exact time of arrival. They mentioned something about the ‘center eye’. Third level entry? – Z

Traya DeMarco – the leader, a sorceress of some sort.
Hassan J’raaq – a strange foreign barbarian with red skin, horns and a large curved sword.
Tasker Twelve-Knives – half-orc knife specialist, a weakness for pretty women.
Posca the Merchant – dwarven cleric of a god of merchants, greedy above all else.
Shea Dorin – human warrior monk or maybe a some sort of warrior priest.


Two days later the second level comes under attack by Traya’s Raiders, the party sufferes losses from their hired warriors but they manage to defeat the party. The next morning Ashe discovered that the disk weapon that the monk had used was missing and the party is informed by their guard that the monks body has disappeared.

Week Nine – Group of Ireans discovered hanging on Farhold’s city walls with a message written in blood “Stay away from the Horn."
A couple of days later a message arrives at the horn stating the Fire-axe’s victory at battle of Upandershire Ford and the death of Lord Argus Welshire, Duke of Farhold

Week Ten – Party informed by Zikomo that a boggard hunting party has not returned and his communing has revealed that were killed by a one-eyed demon. The party investigates and discovers that a large hunting cat was responsible. The next day that party tracks the dire tiger to its den and captures it placing it in the caverns as an unwilling guardian.

Week Eleven – The party receives a message by the Seventh Knot by courier stating “Silver dragon seen over Farhold. Uncertain of whereabouts. Be ready. He may be on his way to the Horn. —Z”, the courier disappears but the party learns he has been seen in different parts of the horn.

Week Twelve – on the third day, the third level of the Horn is attacked by Matthias Harkon Inquisitor of Mitra and his men suddenly appearing in the room. The party fights and defeats the invasion, they then learn from a speak with dead spell that there is another outpost with a throne from which one can teleport into the Horn bypassing the shield made by the eyes of Vetra-Kali. Going out to the outpost they destroyed the throne preventing any further use of it.

Week Thirteen – The party confronted the Seventh Knot at Farhold as to why they had received no word about Harkon’s presense. Elise Zadria states “A messenger was sent. What more could we do? If we could possibly send a magical message we would, but whatever is happening at the Horn makes that impossible. You know that. The only thing that matters is that you survived and the mission continues.” Tracking the messenger Ashe locates a clearing where she finds the remains of the messenger, why she is searching she is attacked by a hangman’s tree. Fortunately Kharon on patrol on his nightmare hears the combat and is able to signal the rest of the party. The party makes it to the clearing and using cold magic are able to subdue the hangman’s tree. Speaking to it, they agree to feed it one medium sized humanoid a week in return for it guarding the Horn.

Week Fourteen – The party learns that a Mitran evangelist has reached Farhold and is stirring up the common folk to march on the Horn. The party quickly set their organization to find out whatever they could about the preacher. Finding dirt on him they discredit him and his followers scatter in disgust.

Week Fifteen – On the dawn of the 111st day the party makes the second sacrifice cutting out the heart of Sister Marta Dian. Her heart smouldering on the second brazier a voice saying “Tezathra Vo” booms from nowhere. Suddenly the Horn blazes with green light and shakes with a violent tremor. As the lance of green fire hits the sky, dark roiling clouds appear and darkens the skies for the entire day.

Week Sixteen – On the third day an undead horror rises from one of the first floor rooms and goes on a killing spree, after a hard fight the party manages to destroy it.

Week Seventeen – Gang war erupts between Vandermir Orphanage (part of the party’s organization) and a new gang known as Thatcher’s Crew. The party quickly negotiates getting the gangs to join forces under their control.

Week Eighteen – The party is attacked by an adventuring party consisting of a male gnome sorcerer (Fineas Greenhold), a male dwarf barbarian (Angus Madthorn), a female elven ranger (Vethia Dora) and female half-elf druid (Brunhild Sturmdottir). The party defeats them. After the battle they discover Fineas Greehhold’s Journal which details them being approached by a old holy man telling them about the ritual going on in the Horn and why, as well as who and how many are in the party, their tactics, their henchmen as well as the traps they had set. What the holy man did not know is that the half-elven ranger had followed him after the meeting where she saw him take off his disguise and meet with Elise Zadaria telling her “It is done, the Ninth is finished.” They didn’t know what they meant be these words but the plan was clear… a double cross.

Breaking their clay seal the party presented their evidence to Cardinal Thorne. He is livid, “I have no time for this infighting! We are so close to victory! Nothing can stand in our way!” “The Seventh Knot Hibernal is declared broken. In accordance with the Pact of Thorns, I release these traitors. They are no longer bound to my service or enjoy my protection. I send to you, my Nessian Knot, my furies. Make them suffer for their treachery and then return to the work at hand. Bring me the daemon’s gift!” Two erinyes devils arrive at the Horn and the party goes to Farhold and confront the Seventh Knot at Auld Briarhall inn. They kill them all save Trik they show him the evidence that he had been tricked by Elise to believe the party had fallen out of Cardinal Thorne’s graces. He swears loyalty to the Ninth Knot.

Week Nineteen – The party is approached by Juko Five-Croaks who says that hunting has been bad and they have suffered much from monsters and raids. They need food and weaponry. Considering his request they take him down to the caverns and slay him in front of the rest of the boggard tribe to serve as an example.

Week Twenty – The party is informed that Abbess Temperance Avigail of Saint Cynthia-Celeste is sending a dispatch to Matharyn asking for aid. They send their minions to intercept it and are successful.

Week Twenty-One – a crime wave hits Farhold, the parties organization increases criminal and information gathering enterprises.

Week Twenty-Two – Party contacted by Lady Shalyn Marsten through Baron Vandermir and hires them to assassinate six rivals in the merchant guilds, the party successfully kills five of them.

Week Twenty-Three – Party receives word that a silver dragon will attack Baron Vandermir’s manor house. They get him out of the house before the dragon attacks and are able to observe him as he does.

Week Twenty-Four – A faire comes to Farhold

Week Twenty-Five – Sir Valin Darian and a group of knights and men-at-arms attack the Horn and are soundly defeated by the party, taking Sir Valin captive.

Week Twenty-Six – The party is confronted by four Will-o’-wisp’s wishing to feed on the accumulated magic at the top of the Horn. They make an arrangement (to throw in a sacrificial victim) with them to guard the sanctum.

Week Twenty-Seven – A gorgimera files to the Horn and starts to attack and nearly killed by the party makes a deal with the group to help guard the horn.

Week Twenty-Eight – No events.

Week Twenty-Nine – No events.

Week Thirty – No events.

Week Thirty-One – No events.

Week Thirty-Two (Day 217) – as the dusk ritual is complete the Horn is wracked by a tremendous earthquake. In the Sanctum there is a horrific scream and a shadowy apparition manifests over the seal and scratches at it leaving it gouged and marred. The apparition fades in an echo of unholy laughter. many rooms collapse and several minions are killed.

Week Thirty-Two (Day 218) – During the midnight ritual a Star-Feather Avoral Brastius and several giant eagles attack the party in the sanctum. The party defeats the attackers.

Week Thirty-Two (Day 219) – a Greater Mud Elemental emerges from the mud pits in the caverns and nearly annihilates the boggards when it climbs the Horn. The party attacks and destroys it. During the midnight ritual the party is attacked in the sanctum by Hounds of Tindalos the party engaged and killed them.

Week Thirty-Two (Day 220) – Just before dawn Argossarian the Silver Dragon attacks killing Grumblejack and several of the party’s minions. After a fierce struggle the party slays the dragon.

Week Thirty-Two (Day 221) – All allies attack the party, the boggards, the wraiths, the gorgimera, the Will-o’-the wisps. Artephius, their human guard, Trik, Tasker Twelve-Knives, Xavier and Sabrina remain loyal.

Week Thirty-Two (Day 222) – At sunrise the Party is attacked by a Mitran paladin named Sir Richard and his companions (a priest, a wizard, men-at-arms and sword sisters). They slay the priest who disappears (due to a contingency spell) they then slay the men at arms, the sword sisters and then the paladin who is then grabbed by the wizard and teleported out.

They do the final ritual at dusk, sacrificing Sir Valin Darian and after the seal is doused in unholy water the seal explodes and a portal opens from which a phrase issues forth “Za Vo” from which emerges Vetra-Kali-Eats-the-Eyes


My eyes,” the deamon cries, “Where are my eyes?” Giving Verta-Kali the first eye Raphael said “Do no harm to me and my own.” Giving over the second eye Raphael said “Give us the Tears of Achlys.” “My gift to the world? You wish it? Do you swear that you will see it dispersed among the mortals?” with Raphael’s nod Vetra-Kali hands over a glass beaker filled with vile liquid. Finally giving over the third eye Raphael said “Leave this plane of existence and never return.” At this Vetra-Kali screams in immortal rage. “Traitors! Devil-Whores! You have the smell of the failed god Asmodeus all over you! You think you’ve won? You think you’ve outsmarted me?! Taste my vengeance, impudent mortals!” and with that Vetra Kali vanishes.

The Horn begins to tremble and shake, the party flees as the Horn collapses into a pile or wreaked stone.

Breaking the seal, Tiadora appears who examines the vial carefully, “Well done, my lords,” She says without sarcasm. “I will inform our master.” at which time she teleports away. Returning a moment later she presents them with a pouch full of emeralds worth 20,000 gp. “The master sends his regards. Your work here in Farhold is done. You must make your way to the great city of Ghastenhall. There you will meet a fellow who will know how to best use the terrible weapon you hold in your hands. This letter gives the details.



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