Way Of The Wicked - The Fall of Talingarde

Book 1, Act 4 Burning Balentyne - Part 3

The party attacks the keep yet again through the secret passage where they face the magister’s ice golem, the last captain of the watch Samuel Barhold and several of his men, Father Donnagin and finally the Lord of the Keep, Lord Thomas Havelyn Paladin of Mitra.

The battle was pitched and several of the characters were laid low beneath the holy might of the paladin. Nearing defeat Raphael called upon Asmodeus and was answered… Asmodeus restored the party and left the party with marks of chains on the shoulders with the lock appearing on Raphael’s chest. The priest of Mitra Father Donnagin nearing death also called upon Mitra, and was answered…

The priest disappeared and the party defeated the paladin. On his knees the paladin looked at Raphael and said “Do what you will with me, but know I would have given you a swift death.” at which point Raphael said, “I do nothing with you for you belong to Mitra save to send you to him.” at which point he cut his head from his shoulders.

The party found the magister wounded and dispatched him. They then went into the Temple of Mitra where they faced and defeated the Lantern Archon Gestalt. They then went into the gatehouse where the remaining soldiers and dwarves were holding fast and quickly slew them all. Throwing the gates wide they watched from a distance as the bugbear horde stormed the empty keep.

Balantine burning

Breaking the clay seal they were joined by Tiadora who teleported them to a waiting barge.



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