Way Of The Wicked - The Fall of Talingarde

Book 2 Act Two: Taking The Horn


Using the map, the party made their way into The Caer Bryr (The Care Briar) and encountered Jurak The Treant


He commanded the party to leave, they told him no, and quickly dispatched him.

Soon after the party gets their first sight of the Horn of Abaddon.


Game Master Note: My apologies but due to having been so long since the adventure log was properly updated I’m going to have to give a summary of the events that took place for this part of the adventure.

The party begins to explore the spire by moving up to the first set of stairs bypassing the cavern mouth at the bottom of the spire. They clear the first level making several discoveries

  • Secret stairs inside a pillar in the Lower Temple which leads down to the lower level and up to the top of the Spire.
  • In the lower temple there is a throne with the word “Yah” in Abyssal inscribed in it’s base.
  • In an apparent Trophy Room is found a small silver ring mounted under the inscription “Iris of Gastenhall, dead from a broken heart and a poison dagger.”
  • In the Alchemist’s Laboratory the find the wreaked remains of the Alchemical Golem Artephus and determine that it can be repaired and reanimated.
  • The Lower Level contains enough rooms for a large contingent of guards and acolytes, a full tavern and a magical fountain that makes clear pure water.
  • The Lower storeroom has a magical enchantment on it that prevents the spoiling of food and drink.
  • A journal of one Brother Zander of Trask which revealed the following information
    1 Trask believed there to be something unusual about the south eastern pillar in the lower temple, suspecting it to be hollow and a secret door to be in it.
    2 Trask heard by rumor that two powerful daemons named Hexor and Vexor guarded the upper levels, and wanted to get a look at them someday.
    3 Trask had seen a priest sit on the throne in the lower level and vanish.

    Making their way to the lower temple the party opens the pillar revealing the staircase and they make their way to the a secret room where they are set upon by two Greater Ceustodaemons introducing themselves as Hexor and Vexor.


    Quickly realizing these two are guardians set there by the Sons of the Pale Horseman the party informs them that they are there to free Vetri-Kali-Eats-The-Eyes at which point Hexor and Vexor agree to assist them by continuing to guard the stair entrance to the sprial a two hundred foot flight of stairs to the Sanctum of Vetra-Kali. They inform the party that the sanctum has a lightning elemental trapped in it and that if they wish to preform the ceremony to bring Vetra-Kali back into the world they will have to destroy it.

    The party makes their way to the Sanctum of Vetra-Kali at which point they engage the lightning elemental in battle and quickly dispatch it. The party makes their way back down where they move down to the bottom of the stairs where they find a tribe of boggards which believe the horn is a shrine to their god Dagon.


    The party makes an alliance with the Boggard Shaman Zikomo-Hears-the-Father, he tells them that if they will kill the tribal chief Kumanda-Slays-Nine-Men that he will pledge his tribe to bring forth Father Dagon. The party convinces Zikomo that they are indeed their to bring back Father Dagon and they kill Kurmanda-Slays-Nine-Men.

    After killing Kurmanda, Zikomo goes into a trace and reveals to the party the location of one of the eyes of Vetra-Kali. Going into the crevasse where the bones of ones of the priest lay they obtain the First Eye of Vetra-Kali (The Eye of Vigilance) as well as a book called “The Dirges of Apollyon” which details the ceremony required to break the silver seal preventing Vetra-Kali from re-entering this world.

    The party makes their way outside to climb the steps to the second level of the horn when they find themselves surrounded by a group of elvish rangers led by a ebon skinned elf.


    She demands to know if they are the ones that killed Jurak the Treant. The party denies having killed Jurak and convinces her that people from Farhold are responsible. Fueled by her pain of losing her friend and her elvish companions hatred of the people of Talingarde for driving them out of their homeland, she mounts an attack on the city of Farhold and is soundly defeated.

    The party makes their way into the second level where they make several more discoveries.

  • A broken statue of a Priest of The Sons of the Pale Horseman.
  • A room depicting the Ceustodaemons wearing iron amulets around their necks.
  • A Throne sitting in the Temple of Priests with the word Rah inscribed on it.
  • A hallway of murals which gives instructions on how to summon three hell hounds, a nightmare, and mud elementals.
  • A courtyard which contains a magical fountain that creates pure drinking water.

    In the private chambers of the Master of Acolytes the party encounters and slays a pair of verdurous oozes. The party also restores the statue of the priest and using a Stone to Flesh spell brings him back to life. He tells them his name is Halthus the priesthoods chief torturer, and he pledges himself to their cause of bringing back Vetra-Kali-Eats-the-Eyes, he also gives the party the Third Eye of Vetra-Kali (The Withering Eye)


    The party then flew to the third level balcony where through the bas reliefs they found that Vetra-Kali is a leukodaemon who was appointed as a Archdeacon of Pestilence in direct service of Pestilence itself. In the Fane of the Three Eyed Prince they found shrines to each of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse as well as a secret door leading to a treasure chamber. Upon entering the party was beset upon by a Dread Wraith and his minions. Instead of attacking the Dread Wraith asked the party if they intended to bring forth Vetra-Kali, to which the party indicated that that was indeed their desire. Ezra-Thrice-Damned agreed to assist the party in bringing forth Vetra-Kali, and gave them the treasures in the vault, of which includes the Third Eye of Vetra-Kali (The Eye of Hatred).

    With that the Horn of Abaddon is under the Ninth Knot’s control.



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